Beautiful Man

March 10, 2008
Beautiful man paint me a story, with beautiful eyes
you see the world in all its glory.
Soft are your hands steady and stable,
creating pictures and sculptures, that tells the stories of those before us.
Kind hearted man paint me the answers; the world keeps them buried deep in her pocket.
Whisper in my ear the secrets of the sea.
Tell me about China and Eygpt, Rome and France.
Show me all the glories and beauties of the land.
paint me the stories that you hold dear, so your stories can be passed on forever more.
Through the eyes of an artist teh world looks different.
Teach me how to see teh way fellow artists do.
Show me the tricks of teh trade, the do's and the donts.
Seeing the way an artist does will be no ordinary task.
You make the world seem harmless and free so
please oh please artistic man, show it to me.
Wind in my hair you take me along--your showing me how to take in the world.
How to live a free spirited life, full of adventure.
Here comes the morning, our day almost over,
sure as I'm breathing sure as I'm set I'll keep your wisdom locked in my head.
Like a mother bird guiding her child
you have taken me under your wing.
Now I'm ready to leave the nest and spread my wings.
I leave here believing all that you've taught me.
I will be back though spiritual man,
To share with you the stories that I have to share.
The answers I managed to get our mother nature to dig out of her pocket.
The secrets of the sea, oh trust me she loudly whispered them to me.
Most of all I will come back to thank you.
Without your guidance and wisdom,
I like many others
would have never been able to take in the world and see it for all that its worth.
So trust me nice amiable man, your stories and secrets will always remain near and dear to me.

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