Help Us

March 10, 2008
By Amber Fullmer, Clarkston, MI

Your expectation of maturity in one so young is absurd,
Our minds vulnerable; our hearts open; our thoughts fresh, ready to be broken.
Help us!

How could one such as you pull on the strings of our hearts, only to tell us of our sickening nature: how dare you?
Help us!

You’re disgusted in us? Guide each of us--without bringing us to the ground--with our stubborn hearts.
Help us!

Your pride, our pain: both block our path. Snide smiles bring us to our knees, kill our spirits, damage our souls.
Help us.

Young, reckless are we, innocence willing to be lost and dreams ready to be broken--fate will bring this to pass—shatter our hopes, bury our strength.
Help us.

Naivety maimed by worldly “experience”, disgusting, seeping culture of dogs, our lives duped by “sophistication”, robbing us of natural life, and you only watch.
Help us.

Our hearts bleed, and you watch-judge. Our hands cannot reach; our feet will not walk; our minds haven’t opened, numb and unwilling to face the consequences.
Help us...

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