March 10, 2008
By Lauren Andalora, Clarkston, MI

Gliding down the hall, boy the air is
golden now. Cannot eat, cannot sleep, cannot focus; you think he likes girls in
pink? It's true about the tall, dark and
handsome. Walk into a teacher; stutter my apology,
halved. Where'd he go? - Oh! His colonge on the air,
pulses in my chest; seperate, better than the rest. It's just a
crush, I know more: 555-
333-0822; inconspicuously tie my shoe.
Run to the bathroom, grab my cell, in such a
hurry I nearly fell. Txt msg: Hi, I think you're
cute. Msg back: Who r
u? I'm the girl, blue eyes, locker two, I wear
pink everyday - for

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