The Sun Beat Down On Me...

March 10, 2008
By Emily Mai, Clarkston, MI

The sun beat down on me and I laughed
because I knew summer would be gone soon.
It was too hot to eat,
too hot to think,
too hot to walk barefoot in the street.
But I didn't care.
My flip-flops kept each other company in the grass,
the same grass that was once frosted with snow.
While walking through the grass,
I caught you looking at me.
Maybe I was just imaginging things.
No, I wasn't--
I knew you looked at me.
I felt those two eyes that were
too glassy for anyone
to ever notice their color.
They were blue.
I noticed.
I walked faster;
They were chasing me.
I parked myself on the lawn.
It wasn't overwatered, it wasn't too lengthy,
but I knew there were still bugs living in it.
The grass tickled my palms.
I didn't like it at all.
I picked my hands up off the ground,
and you were sitting next to me.
I didn't know why.
Why did the sun go down so quickly?
The sky was dark: it was sprinkled with stars that I'd probably never see again.
I had so many questions, but no answers.
I stopped thikning about those stars
when I felt you looking at me.
I stood up.
You grabbed my hand,
and there they were;
the same eyes.
They were blue.
I noticed.

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