March 10, 2008
Floating, Your ripple breaks the surface of my complacency;
complacency turns to unrest.
Clouds float overhead, regardless of the
acts of men,
and You are there:
reassuring, protecting, and loving.
Though Your voice isn't heard, the message rings clear:
"no matter the turbulence or storms,
the sea calms
and the clouds float on.
The darkness of night comes; the dust in the wind clears; beauty is left,
more brilliant shining through the haze of despair.
That is where you can find me, floating past despair's edge,
helping you back to your feet, but only if you are willing to try.
For now I must go, but
I will return.
Brightening the darkness."
Though You are gone, You
are still here,
brightening my darkness.

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