Last Night

March 10, 2008
By Jasmine Johnson, Savannah, GA

Last night I realized
How much I love you
Your walk your talk
And everything that you do
The way I’ve changed
My view of patience
And opened up my heart
To embrace a sweet innocence
I know how it feels
To have your heart broken
Your hopes torn up
And your faith tormented
I do not seek to hurt you
As I have said this before
That’s why I discourage its existence to be spoken
Now and forever more
I really risked a lot to be with you
Showing you your worth
You can’t put a price on something so beautiful
Just as miraculous as a baby’s birth
Your eyes tell a story
This secret you should know
You hint this secret to others
Through that smile and natural glow
For true love sweetheart
Never dies
And this my love
Is you and I
All of these thoughts came to mind
As I thought of you last night

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