Quick! Reach For a Candle

March 10, 2008
By Emma Fitz, York, PA

Quick! Reach for a candle, it will outten your lights,
There will be no peace as of tonight;
Try as you may to close your eyes,
But it will only wake you, and make you despise;
Slowly it will halt to a pleasant patter,
You will run to your window to see what’s the matter;
Light will peak through the darkness, promising it may seem,
“Finally!” you will gasp “Light has come to redeem”;
Alas! With a hiss, clash and rattle,
It will rise from the dead, like and endless battle;
Tears will fall faster,
With every tear it will rumble and roar with laughter;
You will begin to realize that it will never leave,
For its only wish is to tangle and deceive.

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