A Crooked Poem

January 16, 2012
I’m a crooked girl.
I live in a crooked world.
It’s run by a crooked man
With a twisted crooked plan.

Crooked words come from the pulpit,
But they fade softly in the wind.
Crooked people fill the pews,
Bursting with crooked sin.

Crooked lessons fill the school books
Which are jammed into our minds.
Crooked stories on the TV
Are a sign of crooked times.

Crooked hearts crack, break, and shatter;
The shards litter the floor.
Crooked lovers leave the pieces
Because love is a crooked war.

Even though the world is crooked,
Don’t point fingers; don’t blame.
Everyone has a crooked heart.
We are all crooked, all the same.

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