It Started Innocent as a Touch

March 9, 2008
By Michael Kody, Spokane, WA

It started innocent as a touch
but they where madly in love.
The two of them together
The just couldn't get enough.
Every moment they spent together
Crazy thoughts happened, they were thinking forever
No matter what time, she was guaranteed on his mind
He loved her so much it put him in a bind
He couldn't do what he used to, he used to be down
Spending so much time with her, his boys, wonder why hes not around
She taught his scarred heart how to love
He never thought it possible but the two of them were rising above
He was happy for once so that made him fear
Happiness was his precursor to pain so when comes the first tear

Ten months later nothing really changed
Same passion since the first day their fates interchanged
They were walking through the square
It was so late and already dark, no one was there
The wind whispered gently and gave him a chill
He anticipated this night so excited such a trill
The ring he had, felt heavy in his pocket
It was the time, he got on his knee and his poetry, he dropped it
He dropped it pure and genuine, heartfelt and true
It was easy for him because when they met he knew
She was the only one for him so he put it to the test
Fighting tears and feeling her legs weak, of course she said yes
They embraced and held each other for maybe an hour
The dark, the cold, the rain, all forgotten from love and its power
They came back and walked to the car
It wasn't the greatest part of town and relatively far
one young, one old, baggy clothes on their sides
The lovers tried to avoid, not trying to make eyes
It was too late a night, they said give us your money
And he most certainly did, the older one started laughing, he found it funny
They then ran away but the younger one was scared
He pulled the trigger once and it wasn't as if he even cared

It was just instinct he covered her up
Love put his body in-front of hers, not because he was tough
He felt the warmth of the pain in his back
His eyes cocked and it was now strength he lacked
It caught her with surprise then she let out a terrible scream
The air was sucked from her lungs as they both hit the seam
She gathered herself and called
Medical attention quickly followed
At the hospital he became stable
He was going to live but this isn't a fable
The doctor spent 13 hours in surgery
He was paralyzed forever so he cried, just end me

He still dreamt of a life without that night
Holding his love so close still felt right
He cried most of the day, and knew he was so lost
She was always at his side, but he knew the cost
He held his baby close for one last time
he soaked in every aspect of her until he was fine
Then he told her. He told her all his lies
He didn't love her. He looked her straight in the eyes
He told of his romances with other people
His conscience relieved, he said their love was feeble
She slowly rose to her feet.
Remained composed and neat
She felt her stomach turn inside out, tears on her face
How could she have ever loved this man, he is a disgrace
She looked him level and slapped him without thought
then she calmly took off the ring and dropped it on top
She slowly walked away and never looked back
Thank god, if she did she would have seen the fact

He loved her and only her
He thought of her and only her
Nothing changed since he first meet her two years ago
He couldn't give her what she needed, she needed so much more
His life was ruined and he couldn't bring himself to ruin hers
He thought he might be strong enough to live alone with his curse
Every night he prayed for her and never himself
He didn't care about the pain that caused his hells
Somewhere she was better off and that keep him alive
What a beautiful love just laid down to die

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