January 16, 2012
One day a boy was asked,
To play with one of his friends;
And usually, without a thought,
Would say that he would love to attend.

“Today is different,” the boy said,
“There is something else I must do;
We play every day, you and I,
But I want to be with my family too.”

The friend responded with a simple ok,
And said he’ll see him tomorrow,
He left without a single trace,
Of care or sorrow.

With that the boy soon went home,
And spent time with his sister and brother;
Playing games and watching movies,
While he talked with his father and mother.

As life goes on, day after day,
Some friends come and go,
And some friends can leave so easily,
When all you have left is an echo.

But family will be in your life forever,
And will always be there to spend time with,
So take the moments that you are with your family,
And make those the moments you cherish.

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