Go Ahead and Hide

March 9, 2008
By Bevin Blake, Strongsville, OH

go ahead and hide behind that mold, you alabaster dolls,
afraid to show the world what you truly are.
cover your faces, wear the masks, caked in layers of self conciousness.
look at the pictures, see the beautiful faces,
so unlike yourselves. afraid to admit to flaw, afraid of the harsh reality.
things are not as they seem.
drowning in a sea of imperfections.
you strive to become what you are not.
afraid because you do not look like them, like the rest.
look into the mirror. see the reflection of someone you do not know,
they are not you, but you are content. another alabaster doll stares back,
eyes empty, heart empty, soul empty.
continue living in a shell so thin. any with eyes can see right through.
your porcelain perfection can be so easily shattered,
by the mere truth, cracking your fragile exoskeleton,
revealing what may have once been human,
twisted, contorted,
now a scared soul, looking only to conform,
rather than rise above.

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