The Unwind

February 13, 2012
By GreenFloyd BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
GreenFloyd BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Being unwound,
lost and never again found,
killed because you can't get the grade,
killed for another future unwind to be saved.

The Unwind

Born to live,
born to give,
give happiness to my soul,
feed the fire with my coal.

Haunted by your past,
every breath may be your last,
every life sacred in it's own way,
why did you kill me at 13,
why couldn't I live just one more day.

Please forgive me,
for the mistakes I didn't make,
the mistakes you never allowed,
cursed for how I give and never take.

Not ambitious enough I see,
not original enough to let me be me,
if you block the road so I don't have a chance,
what life do I have.

You send me away,
leave me to die,
loved yet not enough to stay,
forget you,
I don't care if you cry.

The Tithe

Born to die,
I never cry,
I give to god,
perhaps my heart will go to some pretty broad.

I am a tithe,
a being meant to die,
this is my fate, my holy mission,
why do you curse my soul,
why do you lie?

We have no cause but chaos,
we intend to destroy this farm,
beings controlled by loss,
no one is going to get my arm.

Life so holy,
don't you say,
oh I'm so happy,
I die today.

The Stork

Giving her child,
on a day so mild,
her one and only son,
passed door to door,
his life is done.

Leave me on a doorstep,
forget I live,
lose all your future lessons,
lose what I have to give.

Forget my future,
forget me,
how can you,
forget this baby you see.

I was an accident,
from that time you got drunk,
but you don't deal with consequences,
you run and hope I don't notice,
you saw me flunk.

Goodbye “Mom” and “Dad”

Goodbye “Mom” and “Dad”,
you gave me up,
and left for vacation,
I hope you die too,
hey, you can join me to camp.

From this I have learned,
you enemies wish to take all you earn,
hoping you're already gone before you cry,
if I can do anything,
I will kill you before I die.

The author's comments:
Inspired by Neal Schusterman's book "Unwind". This is a poem I wrote for a class assignments.

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