Because of the Snow

March 9, 2008
The snowflakes were falling.
Flurries were delicately wrapping around the tree, falling to the earth,
adding to the chunky flat white transparent blanket covering the roads.
Light brown eyes gazed out of the foggy, frosty and frigid window
looking out into the unquiet darkness.
She covered the comforting blanket around her unborn child,
as questions began to fill her mind.
Where was he?
He promised that he would be home soon?
Yeah… he is delayed because of the snow…yeah… because of the snow.
She knew that she could only convince herself for a little while longer.
The wind whistled through the chilling afternoon as the sky became darker
and another day had gone by.
The porch light flickered as
tears ran down her pale face, like a leaky faucet.
Tears- filled with grief, sorrow, and frustration.

Her soft hand cleaned them away as she rested her head on the wall.
As if she heard an engine, she wobbled outside,
but as she entered the snowy land, she listened to silence.

And then it all came together like a puzzle…
She was waiting.
Waiting for nothing.

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