The Unforgiving Room

March 9, 2008
By Jary Kim, Delray Beach, FL

I was trapped in a room
A room with no windows
No doors
No exit

The walls were painted with a harsh, cold color of gray
As if they still held the remnants of its last prisoner
It did not pity, but only stared down cruelly

I could feel the oxygen around me dissolving
There was no way out
My future looked hopelessly bleak
Suddenly, a melancholy voice whispered,

Various instruments protruded out of thin air and enclosed me
Helplessly I pleaded that I could not
I was scared to play

The last bit of air was gone and I was choking for a bit of air
I looked around madly
Swiveling my head around in desperation

I felt like a bird with injured wings
Sinking slowly to the dark depths of the ocean

In agony,
I realized that the instruments were my oxygen-masks

The room was unforgiving and I would soon be a part of it
Staring down at the next defenseless victim if I did not play

I could not and would not merely suffocate to death
Replacing my fear with a will to live
I clutched a trumpet and blew into the mouthpiece
A regal fanfare vibrated against the walls

Taking in gulps of fresh air
I settled down to a familiar instrument
Pressing the black and white keys of a piano
Elegant music, I never knew I had,
Fluttered from my fingertips

Tubas, trombones, drums, clarinets, oboes and flutes soon chimed in
Together we belted a tranquil sequence of music

Pure and lyrical notes filled the room
While warm and rich tenor filled the atmosphere

Suddenly the walls began to quiver and shake
The harmonized band of instruments
All descended to a soft and gentle pianissimo
Quivering shyly on its last note
A grand fortissimo swept in as the surprising finale

The walls swayed and shivered
And finally heaving a great, big sigh
They collapsed

The sun moved swiftly out of the clouds
Showered me with its radiant light
Graced me with its brilliant rays

I looked up
And unexpectedly found myself in the shelter of my room
I leaped off my bed
Blazing with a newfound courage
I strolled to the piano in the den
And started to play

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