To the Sister of My Time

March 9, 2008
By Kelly Peters, Clarkston, MI

I continually raced through that snowy finish line
to hug the only person whom I pictured divine!
She held a simply enchanting grace,
that everlastingly touched her face.

Years we played the same sing-song game,
like a cat chasing their tail, each turn the same.
Centuries awake we spent chatting each night:
wondering about the future, when to kill the light.

I was captured in a stunning trance;
caught in her chaotic dance!
She was tormenting anyone in arm’s reach;
during those teenage years-who could preach

to a barricaded girl wrong from right,
when her only desire was to fight.
“When your adults, you two will be best friends,”
said an aunt, but I severely doubted her amends.

Those harrowing nights screaming loud.
What happened to her? The family felt so proud.
My saddened eyes cast to a new role model for belief,
yet the guilty truth prevailed- how I never shined so dark with relief.

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