My Sunshine

March 9, 2008
By Elise Leavell, Wellesley, MA

Sunshine would you please smile?
You shine so bright
I wish I could I have the prefect present
Something that would make everything alright

Sunshine would you please laugh?
I miss your tune
You sing it loud and clear
For all to see
Now don’t let the clouds hold you back
Don’t let them hold you back from singing free

Sunshine would you please forgive?
Otherwise you’ll be eaten alive
By hate and anger
That won’t subside

I miss my sunshine
The one I need
The one who gave me water
And watched me grow
The one who made me, Me

Sunshine, please don’t lose hope
I know the pain is hard to bear
But if you let me I will hold your hand when your scared
I’ll be there for you whether you want me to be or not
Because as long as I live
You are my sunshine
The one who won’t let a few clouds hold you back

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