I Take in This Air With Shaky Lips

March 9, 2008
I take in this air with shaky lips/
that tremble...at the touch of fire./
Her eyes aspire deep within her soul/
to crush my heart...in two...acquire/
licks of liquid sun that burn and run/
and taste the air with zeal; don't feel/
me press. Against the fun and sin/
she wins me over to what drove her/
past insanity...humanity weeps quiet/
with her in the trenches of the heart./

See Love crying at the tree beside/
me in the wind. And look down/
at the river running with a smile/
across his face. But don't race, don't/
go the mile 'till you get back where/
you were. The still-free moment/
running to you cries a sweet song,/
all day long, then dries up in the sun./

Beauty, all your wars are won; your/
one and many million gone to Heaven./
But is all this done...for nothing and/
is all of it a game; it's shame you wear./
Your hair is gold and shirt is silver thread./
All of you are dead, for money...immortality./

So the trees shine--/
and the fires glimmer now/
on their leaves./

The dusk is set--/
into the skyblue iron/
ring of irony./

I must confess--/
don't ever do this.../

while everything--/
for nothing, tastes its death.

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zero1 said...
Apr. 21, 2011 at 9:30 pm
also when some of mine go on, read them btw plz i'm new to this
zero1 said...
Apr. 21, 2011 at 9:29 pm
i think that the writing was awsome, but the topic i think goes a little off and it is a little hard to grasp at some points. But overall keep writing and dont give up cuz i luv it!!!!
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