Remember That Saturday

March 9, 2008
Remember that Saturday
The day we first me
I spilled my drink
And you told me not to fret

Your blue eyes locked with my green
It was as if we’d meet before
Yet never seen each other
You made my heart soar

We ate lunch together
We talked of our past
There was laughing and smiles
And time went by fast

I followed you around
On a very long walk
Sat under a tree
And we started to talk

Then we had to part
Your lips brushed against mine
You wanted to say something
But couldn’t find the right line

So I kissed you this time
And I started to blush
You gave me a note
Then left in a rush

It said meet me right here
To night a nine
I wanted to see you again
So I knew it was fine

T wanted to see you again
To hold you right then
To see your blue eyes
And to kiss you again

Nine came and we met
The moon white as a dove
Under our tree
The air filled with love

I laid my head on your lap
You ran your fingers through my hair
I looked up at your blue eyes
You told it all through your stare

It was getting real late
We had to part once more
You drove me home
And left me with a kiss at my door

T watched your blue car leave
Then fell asleep after dawn
I woke up an eight
Then turned the news on

It was the same old stuff
I wish you would come
But what I saw in TV
Made my body go numb

A drunk driver hit a car
The drunk was alright but the other was dead
The dead mans car was blue
Is what the news said

A picture appeared
It had to be lies
For I said you were dead
Tears streamed form my eyes

You couldn’t be gone
You were alive last night
Why did you go?
It just wasn’t right

I’d never see your blue eyes again
Never touch your soft skin
You were not the one
Who committed the sin?

I love you so much
Then you were taken by death
Were you thinking of me
When you drew your last breath

I went to your grave site
Put roses down for you
Whispered I love you
And knew you loved me too

I’ve made it a habit
To visit our tree
I imagine you there
But it is only me

The day we first met
That day went by fast
The day I spent with you
The first and the last

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