Awaited Fate

February 9, 2012
By DForst BRONZE, Hopatcong, New Jersey
DForst BRONZE, Hopatcong, New Jersey
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Three college students were on their way,
to discover the tropical landscape of Uruguay.
As they sat on their plane, all cozy and sound,
a few hours later, they hadn’t realized they’d hit the ground.
Declan exited first, a dedicated medical student
who wanted to change the world, oh so prudent!
Then was Amanda, who studied finance,
she looked so proper at first glance.
Lastly there was a young man who was undecided.
Poor Lucas, he was never guided.
They received their luggage and went on their way
never knowing that one would betray.
And now before old news goes stale,
Ladies and Gents, here is their tale.

Declan was a man of great passion;
he also wore suits in elegant fashion.
His hair of brown, his eyes Nordic blue,
honesty was his most treasured virtue.
At the age of eighteen, he was very mature.
He wanted to help people, and of that he was sure.
Once in the hotel, he grabbed his supplies,
and left for the jungle, which was oversized.
He tore through the shrubs and dodged trees too,
and then was amazed by what came into his view.
Up ahead was a little old shack,
filled with people who were not intact.
He rushed inside and was greeted by a crew
who quickly told him what to do.
Patient by patient, he saved many lives,
meanwhile on the other side of town, Amanda arrives.

Amanda, a girl with many aspirations,
didn’t always live up to her own expectations.
Short and stout with curly red hair,
to bad she didn’t always play fair.
Men followed her around everywhere she went;
she took them all for every last cent.
With a bat of her eyes and a swing of her hips,
God only knows what would come out of her lips.
Now here in Uruguay, she had it all planned.
Everything she needed was so close at hand.
A naive client, not paying attention,
was all that she needed to secure her life pension.
Declan and Lucas were nowhere to be found,
so in their room she snooped around.

Lucas was a man, who had potential,
but throughout life he only did what was essential.
Eyes of amber and sandy hair,
the girls couldn’t help but stop and stare.
He walked through life without a clue,
waiting for someone to tell him what to do.
Follow the leader wasn’t his game;
for his parents death, he was not to blame.
Out on his own, alone in Uruguay,
it was finally time for him to find his own way.
Roaming the streets, going back to his room,
he opened the door and smelled cheap perfume.
Walking into the room, he looked to the right,
and to his surprise a shocking sight!

Leaving the jungle after a days long work,
Declan stopped to ask a question of the hotel desk clerk.
Jacket over shoulder, he walked up the stairs,
entering the room to see a sad state of affairs.
Backed against the wall, Lucas stated his demands,
Amanda had no choice but to empty her hands.
Declan had a face of shock and awe,
he couldn’t believe Amanda had broken the law.
Walking to where she stood, he said to her face,
“I can’t believe we were friends. You’re such a disgrace!”
The cops showed up a few minutes later,
to pick up their friend, who was now their betrayer.
After giving their statements and having a beer,
Lucas announced, “I have found my career.”
He stood up and spoke to all these random folk,
“Police work is my future, and that’s no joke!”

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