I'll Never Forget You

March 9, 2008
I’ll never forget you
My one closets friend
Your kind words
The help you could lend

Ill never forget you
No matter how old
You were always there
So protective and bold

Ill never forget
When I first heard the news
It seemed like a bad game
One you couldn’t lose

Ill never forget
The feelings I felt
You were slipping away
Your life started to melt

Ill never forget
The rest of that day
I couldn’t hold in my tears
It would never be okay

Ill never forget
That long sleepless night
You lay in a comma on a hospital bed
I couldn’t tell if you would be alright

Ill never forget
How I made it through the next day
The weekend was worst
But all I could do was pray

Ill never forget
The millions of tears I cried
When I first heard the news
About how you died

Ill never forget
Those tears filled with pain
I knew god and the angels cried too
Since on that day there was rain

Ill never forget
All the memories of you
Their engraved in my heart
Ones of a friend I once knew

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