On One Bright Summer's Day

March 9, 2008
By Tyler Christianson, Fargo, ND

On one bright summers day
My snowman started melting away
With every drip drop
The heat would not stop
He would sizzle and burn
I guess it was his turn

I tried to turn away
But he kept melting away
To where he was almost slush
I could feel the rush
Tears running down
Falling to the ground

I would pack some snow down
But he kept sinking to the ground
We always were together
Even in the worst weather
I would try to cool him down
But he went dowm down down

He just was going to fast
I wanted him to last
But every snowman has his turn
I just had to learn
Rocks falling down
Hitting the ground

I guess he was gonna die
So i said my goodbye
I will never forget
Just how much he ment
As I let him go
He will always be with me so

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