The Light Left Your Eyes Tonight

March 8, 2008
By Kyrsten Burroughs, Denison, TX

the light left your eyes tonight
darlin, i don't wanna see that again
remember, remember back when
when i wasn't yours and you weren't mine
but sometimes my mind would wonder
to thoughts of these days
yet pain is an apparition
that i wish not to endure

even though i'm scared of water
i could swim in the ocean of your eyes
for all eternity
and that is my simple plea
a person can't survive without a heart
mine will be dead lest it quench its thirst
only from the saltwater of that pretty ocean
so let me close my eyes and dive right in

please don't ever see me as less
i know you could do so much better
but darlin, i can't see without you
i'm blind, blinded by the tears
as i think about the instant
in which your arms would be ripped from me
i'll scream out in vain as you walk away
but please don't let that happen

the flames of death will overtake me
if you do go
ashes to ashes
i'll fall down
six feet under

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