Peace, Love, and Music

March 8, 2008
By alma secundino, Los Angeles, CA

Three wishes of my life she said to answer

"PEACE" is all we need in this world. Not war! Those lifes out there children dieing
every day why because of all the violence there is. We need Peace!

"LOVE"with out love life wouldn't be the same. It doesn't always have to be a soulmate it can also be family friends. You may say love makes things worse it may in some points but think of all those times you had that one person in your heart, well that is love right there. Love really maters but also don't say " i love you" when you don't mean it may hurt the other person your telling. There has to be LOVE

"MUSIC"is also a big thing in our lifes.
When you have that bad day if you hear your ipod or radio that one song you like it makes your day way better than it was. We also make music by makeing different types of beats. Where ever we go we always hear music. Music is a my happieness and hope its yours to.

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