March 8, 2008
This is a song that will never be sung
But I'm writing it for you
It's a lament for what we've become,
For the pain that we've been through

When tears come unbidden at nightfall
I'll close my eyes and pray
If you speak to me in the silence
I'll listen to what you don't say

The wind takes me back to what used to be
When we laughed and ran and sang
To the apple tree in my backyard
Where the swings and the mud-buckets hang

But now we're older, as they say,
Too old for "let's pretend"
But still, I wish that we were kids
For far too soon it ends

As we grow up and go our ways
Something inside us is dying
The cheerful voice which sang in us
Now sounds as if it's crying

So sing to me the song of the sea
And pray that time will cease
Before we lose completely
That which we used to be

As you rise up like a lion
At the dawn of each new day
Remember my song that is left unsung
And the words that I cannot say

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