Requiem for the Infidels

March 8, 2008
By Holly Mooren, Saranac, MI

The glass boy wrote a requiem for the infidels--
Those who raged against the moons--
The tears he shed fell like acid rain
Adding salt to the Dark Saints' wounds.

The world stood transfixed in black horror
As he screamed through the Night of the Sinners' Doom
Only ice and dark stayed beside him
As he wept o'er the Blasphemers' tombs.

His haunting melody sliced through the sky
And he beckoned the Extra Ones near.
For every fallen Infidel's soul
Each shed a thousand diamond tears.

He cried for the broken Leftovers too,
With innumerable scars on their hearts--
A terrified boy with a monster inside,
A scrapped princess who'd been cast aside--
Holding pieces of dreams long since ripped apart.

From his cold hand fell glacier lily seeds
Which bloomed in eternal snow
They fell to the graves of the massacred dead,
But within his heart was the place they would grow.

He had not left the battlefield
When all those around him fell
He was now the last Infidel left on earth--
A sinner tormented in a living hell.

His wails of agony tore through the night
And were carried out to the brink of Eternity
While the world reawoke to the unending nightmare
Of an evil far greater than what they could see.

The boy with the glass heart
Fell dead at the feet of the Second Hand of Time and shattered into a million pieces, blown out to the Infinite Sea...
But that was just his imagination.
For he knew that he must continue to live on,
Singing an eternal lament for those who have died at the hands of the innocent murderers.
So he waits in the Garden of Sinners,
Weeping without end over the Infidels' graves.

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