What the Flag means to me.

February 12, 2012
By Anonymous

The flag is the greatest symbol of our country. It means a lot of things, but different people have different opinions. I think each color has a different meaning. For example, white means honor, blue means freedom, and red means the blood shed.To me the flag means honor, freedom, and blood shed.
Red to me, means all of out country's blood shed over the years. We have had many wars since this country was formed. We have lost many Americans since then, and the red stripes remind me of that.
Next, we have the blue stripes. The blue reminds me of our freedom. We have the freedom to make our own choices. The choice to live our own life. We even have our own choice of religion. I have a little twist with this color. I have another meaning! It is trust. We can trust and rely on our president and military to keep us safe.
Then, there's the honor our country has. We have men and women heroes. They have risked their lives for all Americans. For example, there's Dr.Martin Luther king Jr., Rosa Parks, and many more. All of whom have died for our freedom and rights. The white on our country's flag means honor.
That is exactly what the flag means to me. Each color has a different meaning. Red is blood shed, blue is freedom and white is honor. All of the colors together makes our country what it is today.

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