Love is the Ultimate War Inside

February 12, 2012
By 3rowneyedGirl BRONZE, Kenai, Alaska
3rowneyedGirl BRONZE, Kenai, Alaska
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What does not kill you makes you stronger

I know you're not rushing in wearing red, yellow and blue. By saving the world you're saving me from heartbreak, you think. My true love, my hero. Always flying high, and when I die you'll be there. Because you can't save me and the world at the same time. When duty alls I get it. This is your life and I'm a mere entity watching the skies for you flying in and save us. You can be strong for the weak, stop the evil, and save those who haven't given up hope. Crime never ceases to exist just like love will never stop existing. The ones who or die all have someone they're fighting for even if they can't see that they're fighting and hurting. Because they are blinded by their love to save and cannot bear to think of anything else. Love is what drives us to fight. Those who don't have anyone to love are the ones who suffer the most though. Because they will never know love.
And what usefulness is it to be fighting if not to save someone?

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