Hide and Seek

March 8, 2008
By Kimberly Schmitt, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Daddy

I miss you

Do you miss me?

You left so suddenly

Lost, in the blink of an eye
Why can’t I find you?

Where are you hiding?

Daddy I miss your voice
Sometimes loud and harsh,

but hearing it would make my heart sing

Will you please call out to me?

Daddy I miss your hugs

Suffocating, joyous moments of bliss
Whether for comfort, or
just because

Daddy I need to feel your arms again.

You last saw me as a little girl, a child of 12

So innocent, care free, naïve
Now I’m grown up, I’m 18

Why did you miss so much?

Daddy today is my wedding

I found the prince you said would come
Daddy I wish you were here.

You’re supposed to give me away.

Why aren’t you here?

Daddy I know I’ll see you again

After all, you’re in heaven and

It’s just a game of hide and seek

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