A World of Problems

March 8, 2008
By Akeem Hogan, Chicago, IL

A world of problems I have
they come time and time again.
it makes me want too grab a tissue,
and wipe my tears away in this world it feels like I’m
fading away.

oneday I felt like dying instead of the
truth people kept lying. telling me
there’s nothing wrong I’m just crazy
when will people know that doesn’t
faze me.

I don’t really need your love so don’t fake
or pretend, don’t need a friend till the end,
all I need is paper and a pen. friends being
put underground I’m not looking for someone
to hold me down.

I’ve been hurt for far too long this is my poem
not a song. just a few weeks ago my friend was
put to rest, that put a strange feeling in my chest.
few years back another friend was put down, I don’t like
to talk about it but I’ve been around.

what is there else to do when your family
doesn’t understand, I’m tired of being held by
the hand. it seems like I’m being held down
with nails when is my ship going to sail.

imagine your heart your being tip toe
and step on, people say move on but for me its been to many times

when I look in the mirror I don’t see my reflection
I see what’s behind me I’m just me.

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