Reasons and Risks

January 21, 2012
By SilentWonder PLATINUM, Corry, Pennsylvania
SilentWonder PLATINUM, Corry, Pennsylvania
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"Trust is not given it is earned."
"Friend; Boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, all theses words end with the word end except for family, it has I love you at the end."

"Can't run from your problems but you run until you collapse."

Ever wonder why,
people ask to die?
Ever wonder why
people commit suicide?
There are many
reasons and risks
but people
offer to take it
Life sucks
then you die,
no need to cry,
Even though people
may shed a million tears
it's never going
to get rid
of their fears,
life is just life
and that's why
we have to fight
nothings ever fare
nor right
but it lasts
forever in our
selfish lives

The author's comments:
I wrote this to inform people that no matter how bad life sucks we must move on we are all going to die but we don't have to go so soon. Don't commit suicide Jesus has a better life planned for you.

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