Internal Conflict: Light vs. Darkness

March 8, 2008
By Justin Singletary, Boston, MI

I am the darkness of the shade
the ruthless of the pride
the blinding of the light
the cage the beast resides
the keeness of the sword
the hatred of what is war
the struggle of the slave
the innocence of th naive
the dirt from the grave
the shining of a star
the hope of what is far
the beating of the heart
the blazin of the sun
the twin forces become one
the slyness of the pun
the sped arrow of the toungue
the iron that makes will
the blade that never killed
the prophecy unfufilled
the foundatio of what we build
the bell that never peals
a servant who never kneels
the force that which they seal
the blood of the soldier
the trigger of the revolver
the ice on your neck that makes you colder
The confidence that makes you bolder
th forbidden knowledge that makes you older
the beginning and the end

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