A Sorrowful Letdown

March 8, 2008
By Bernabe Longoria, Cleburne, TX

Take the long road home and find the time to think,
The more and more you go, the deeper you sink

All alone , no one hears his faint screams
Please let him out, please, awake him from those dreams

Through those dead eyes, a boy longs to be set free
Past those dead eyes, the reflection appears to be me

Live this forlorn life of nothing but tears and dreams
This decayed heart has slowly been torn at its seams

Pigments of skin pale and body to weak to crawl
Winter will take my last breaths as the white begins to fall

How did this night become surreal for you and i
Heart beats slower as this desolate soul begins to die

My condolences to her, kisses soft as snow
For fait has took its toll and this is my time to go

Though time goes on and memories will fade with the wind
The broken down grave reads “we will meet again”

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