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Time to Shine

Months have passed
being stuck in this life.
I'm trying my hardest
not giving up this fight.
It's hard with the thoughts
always yelling at me.
Why can't they ever
just leave me alone?
I can't give up.
I have to push though.
Making the anorexia wither away
with the monster too.
Sometimes it seems
like I'll never be free,
that I will be stuck
beneath this rock of misery.
I'm being patient,
taking this day by day.
Wishing this problem
would just go away.
It has taken my life,
taken my dreams,
taken everything that
that has made me, me.
It's time for the change
and the time to restore.
That this monster
is not what I've chosen to be.
All the monster makes me see
is a distortion of everything
that is truly me.
But I understand
that the monster just lies,
to keep it's control
all the time.
So i am making this decision,
once and for all.
The time has come for the monster
to fall.
Cause there is no turning back
to a life this low.
Always hiding,
everything below.
I am standing up
for what is right,
taking back
my original life.
The monster will fade,
bringing me to the surface.
Seeing myself in the mirror
without distortion.
Cause during this time,
it's my time to shine.

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