Whenever I Try to Appraise Myself

March 7, 2008
By Shanny Simpson, Middle River, MD

Whenever I try to appraise myself,
I think of you as if you we festering inside me this
whole time.
Sometimes my heart beats so fast that I forget I am
still alive,
breathing only for you and your effortless smile.
I want to let go of everything but I hold on tighter
when I am with you,
yet the longer I am with you my grip starts to
alleviate and I begin to fathom the fear of falling.
You have now taken me so high that I would inevitably
shatter into nothing if I fell.
I hope that if I ever do fall, you would be there to
catch me and I would always be there to hold you.
Then maybe my heart would stop screaming at me
whenever I am not with you.
But then sometimes my world turns upside down
and I am instead falling up into all of these
imaginary thoughts and feeling that I have tried so
diligently to avoid.
I love you and only you so you must not feel foreboded
I cant defy the laws of gravity but remember that
gravity is only so strong.

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