Ode to the Caged Bird

January 20, 2012
By AlyssaRose GOLD, Jackson, New Jersey
AlyssaRose GOLD, Jackson, New Jersey
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Ode to the caged bird,
with its hopes bestowed away.
Brass bars around its innocence,
no longer wishing to stay.

With your charcoal ash coat,
and eyes that see on through.
Perched upon a branch,
memories of when you flew.

With song of fragile life,
your melody sung so pure.
Dancing through the night,
wishing to be heard.

Tears of feathers fall,
shedding of the past.
Floating softly down,
praying it won’t last.

Grease slick complexion,
shining in the dark.
Reflecting glimpse of light,
like a small burning spark.

And in the cage you wait,
for the day to be.
Rid of endless brass chains,
up in the clouds and free.

Your soaring soul of beauty,
wings spread, embrace the air.
Flying on forever,
escaping every care.

And so you caged bird,
perched upon a branch.
With hopes bestowed away,
chirping for a chance.

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