My Love

March 7, 2008
By Morgan Mizell, Lexington, AL

In my heart it was black as night
Then suddenly in my life there was light
Shining brightly you became my moon and sun
From my fears I no longer had to run.

Your love for me brought me joy
I was like a child with a new toy
You helped me forget dreadful events long past
My soul was slowly healing like a broken bone in a cast.

I was falling eternally and wanted to be free
I thought I would fall forever until you caught me
In your arms I wanted to stay
I hope you never let me stray.

My tears disappear when you smile
I want to stay in your heart at least for awhile
When you look at me with your beautiful eyes of blue
You shall know my love will always be true.

So forever my heart belongs to you
And I will never give my love anew.

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