Nancy the Doll

February 6, 2012
By theechocolatepecan BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
theechocolatepecan BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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New Nancy was a doll
New Nancy had it all
All a doll could want
Was hers to flaunt
A chest filled with clothes
Little shoes and little combs
She was played with every day
By a girl name Sarah Mays
But as Sarah grew tall
Nancy was put in the shelf on the wall
And as Sarah grew wise
The joy of playing began to die
The memories began to decay
And Nancy was not played with for another day
Her paint peeled, her dress faded
She looked so sad and jaded
The house was soon left to rot
Until she saw strangers enter the lot
They entered Sarah's former home
When they saw her, their faces shone
She hoped to be brought to a better place
For these strangers resembled Sarah's face
However, that was not her fate
They only saw value in her trade
To a museum, Nancy was sold
Put in a glass case that was cold
Only touched by a stranger's gaze
Her final years were one big haze
The misery ended when the gas tank erupt
And the flames climbed up
Each and every floor
Until death was at her door

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