A Moose Ate My Homework

March 7, 2008
By Sara Tabrizi, Santa Clara, CA

I’m afraid I can’t turn in my homework today,
I inform my teacher in a regretful way.

And what became of your book report,
Ms. Brown enquires with an unconcealed snort.

Unfortunately it was completely destroyed,
I say, beginning the story I’d hoped to avoid.

You see, Ms. Brown, I was heading to school,

When I forgot the assignment at home like a fool.

As I was returning I encountered a sad old moose,
Who had been victim to terrible abuse.

Lucy the Moose was close to starvation,
So I fed her and continued on to my destination.

In no time, I returned to my humble house,
And obtained the assignment as quick as a mouse.

I was bringing it to school, I solemnly swear,
When I felt a strange sensation in my hair.

It was Lucy the Moose nibbling it all away,
As if it tasted like fine gourmet.

You must understand, you really must,
The hunger she harbored, all the lust.

I think you know that I had to feed her,
Anything else would have been murder!

The book report must have been tasty,
As her consumption of it was rather hasty

Here, my teacher laughs and without hesitation,
Calls my story a complete fabrication

But I have proof, I announce with a stride,
And whistle loudly to the outside,

Immediately Lucy the Moose enters like a saint,
And I observe the teacher becoming very faint.

At last she speaks, in order to mention,
That she is willing to grant me a one day extension.

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