The Hiding Place

February 6, 2012
By , Olathe, KS
The Hiding Place
Mother, you put me in this place
But I long to see your face

You said that we were hiding
And I wondered what evil was abiding

You said that bad men would come
But you were not hiding when they took you, mum

When you had said that our people were being taken
I thought that you had been mistaken

But when I heard them pound their boots
I was shaken to the roots

Out of fear I did not make a sound
I thought for sure they would see me and come round

From my hiding place
I could not see his face

The man who sentenced you to death
Without even a single breath

Of course he knew what would happen to you
But then again, mom, you were a Jew

Mom will you ever be found?
I’m afraid as I lay on the cold ground

There is no heat
And I have nothing to eat

It is very dark
And this small room is quite stark

My life was saved by this prison cell
But it is beginning to smell

I am covered in grime
And have not moved in quite some time

You promised that you would come back some day
And that we would go far away

For now I just have to cope
And hold on to that small hope.

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