September 25, 2007
By Jenna Fregoe, Massena, NY

I am a creative artist
at the strangest times.

I tend to be indecisive,

can’t make up my mind.
I’m good for advice,
though I don’t follow my own,

I have the best friends

anyone could ever ask for,

I’m never alone.
I’m burdens and mistakes,
“I’m sorry,” “please forgive me.”

I am liked and disliked,

I’m whatever you

believe me to be.

I am very sarcastic,

but serious when it counts.

I love shoes,

shopping, fun,

and going out.

I love to love,

and hate to hate.
If you get on my bad side,
it’s probably too late.

I don’t mind the day,

but I prefer night,
I hate to cry,
if anyone’s in sight.

I’m a cheerleader,

an athlete,

though some don’t agree.

You certainly couldn’t do

what I do,

but go ahead;
make fun of me.

Half the time I’m happy,

the other half I’m sad

For lots of things

I’m grateful,

for other things...

I'm mad.

Some days I’m full of shame…

some days I’m full of pride,
sometimes I want to scream,
runaway and hide.

Goo Goo Dolls are my savior,

music is my life,

I hope to raise a family,
be the hottest trophy wife.

I aspire to become great,

change peoples’ lives in someway,
I’m a huge risk taker,
my life is different everyday.

I don’t believe in much,

but I do believe in fate…
Everything happens for a reason,
and he’s the reason I’ll wait.

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