Day Dreaming

September 25, 2007
By Marquise Twitty, Portsmouth, VA

Look at my ceiling
Having nothing to do
Trying to keep myself busy
Sleeping with my eyes open
Is not so hard to do
Dreaming about how my life could be
If it were a movie
Dreaming about my life as a sitcom
As reality sets in to ruin my day
I laugh at those who are just weeping
Worried about today’s harsh reality
I think that we all just chill a little
We can survive the dullness of reality
Cold hand
I see the earth is just a game
For the rich and the poor man
I can’t see how just thinking about
Nightmares when
I’m gladly see in day mares
To think that I laugh and play
All day to find out
I’m not going to get pay on pay day
Reality is a stupid I just want to go sleep
And live someday
So if you ever see me sleeping don’t ever wake me
I just want to see the my day dream
Not my Reality

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