February 4, 2012
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I speak for so much more than what I say.
Don't take that in stride,
I'm a couple more miles until I stray.
Never wanting to show my pride,
I had to learn to roll with the tide.
Washing my hands in innocence,
Drying myself in purity.
People's cruelty is what gets to me.
Turn around and let me breathe.
I'm two steps ahead of myself
My soul is three steps behind.
Locking myself in time i'll never get back.
I'm dying on the inside,
But forced to live on the outside.
There's nothing left of me,
Only the broken pieces that you cannot see.
I have everything, but I own nothing.
Trying to find myself where I belong,
Never settling for too long.
I have a home, but no place to live.
I don't belong here,
Everything just feels so wrong here.
I know the end is near, but I have no fear.
The only thing that I fear is losing myself.
Losing myself to life itself.

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