The Shootout

September 25, 2007
By Erik Stratton, Orlando, FL

There he goes again gliding down the ice
He carries the puck smooth and nice
Here comes the defender charging toward the puck
He has only one intention but needs some luck
Boom! They collide, and the puck comes loose
The center comes and uses his stick
To take the puck
He skates down the ice with only one thought
To put the puck in the back of the net
He has only one chance to get
To the net he goes.
He leans forward on his toes
He winds up ready to take the shot.
Just as if time froze
He catches a sight
Of a man coming with all his might
He braces himself
Ready to get hit.

Then his legs are taken out
From underneath his body.
The Referee lifts his arm high
He lets out a whistle
The call is for a shot
One on one with the goalie.
The center gets into position
The crowd leans forward with anticipation.
The whistle is blown
The center skates to pick up the puck
He skates toward the goalie one on one
He will have one chance.

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