House Fire

September 25, 2007
By Jade S Morris, Telling, ZZ

She woke to the smell of burning
she then heard banging through the wall
her face turned to one of horror
as she ran towards the door

her bare foot first felt the heat
as the burning shot up her legs
she grabbed onto the handle
and her skin burnt off her hand

she screamed a cry of pain
and backed away from the door
she stood away from the heat
then she moved towards the wall

She cried out for her boys to talk
as tears welled of pain and fright
the older boy began to talk
he said they were all right

she said 'Baby please don't talk
'It'll all be fine...
'just open up your window
and I'll help you get outside!'

he said 'but mum, I can't!'
his voice then turned to worry
he said 'oh mum it's hot in here!'
the fire, hot and roaring

Her mistake to bar the windows
to keep the bad men out
as now it would be detrimental
that she chose to gaurd the house

She looked out her open window
as she listened to the boys
she felt helpless and sad
as she realised there was no choice

she listened to them whimper
and she listened to them cry
she listened to their horrid screams
as tears wept from her eyes

both boys then turned to silence
their cries no longer heard
her heart beat then felt faint
over what had just occured

her door burnt off the wall
as the fire destroyed the frame
the fire then ingulfed her
as she walked into the flames...

she ran into the next room
ignorant to pain
she caressed her burnt, dead children
and that is where she stayed...

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