Winter's Morning

September 24, 2007
By Collin Brashear, Flower Mound, TX

on a lovely Winter's morn
not a leaf or twig or thorn
could poke up past the icy sheet
or through the overlying sleet

so, comfortably we walk barefoot
on a footprint path inside the wood
we worry not of rocks or stones
for our blanket keeps our heels alone.

in our eyes a glare of light
flies up from the sea of white
and clumps of snow snug in the trees
substitute for fallen leaves.

in the distance breezes start to blow
spinning leaves and swirling snow
we stand stead fast, release all fear
we simply hold the other near.

sharp wind rises all the sudden
and out from us a breath and shudder
though the chill makes our ears feel worse
my hand still warmly rests with yours.

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