The Clock Ticks and Tocks

September 24, 2007
The clock ticks and tocks,
reading six am sharp.
My mom gently brushing my hair,
the tangles fading away,
s l o w l y.
While I sit feet brushing the ground,
in my crisp, brand new dress,
plaid with vivid bright pink and a darkened lime green.
With the tweety bird hair tie with the matching bright matching pink sash,
An item which I once treasured.

Princess backpack purchased earlier during the week,
is full with brand new school supplies,
emitting the smell of brand new school year of making new friends,
and good grades.
Lunch box mixes the smells of,

round pepperonis,

my favorite chocolate chip cookies,

and Parmesan cheese.

Gripping my mom’s hand,

as tight as my five year old hand can manage,
together we walk hand in hand,
to the bus stop with the hexagonal red sign,
with all the scary 4th and 5th grade kids,
the big yellow bus with the black stripe

thunders up.

I release my harsh grip,
I am on my way to a brand new chapter in my life.

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