Humphrey the Hippo

September 24, 2007
Humphrey the Hippo wanted to play
But his mother said he just must stay.
"You haven't cleaned your room,
And you probably will need to find a broom.

So Humphrey the Hippo cleaned and dusted.
He vacuumed his closet, which made him feel disgusted.
But when he finished and was very tired,
His mother said, "The TV must be rewired."

So Humphrey the Hippo wired and plugged,
He ripped, snapped, tore, and tugged.
When he was done, he told his mother,
And she said "go out and fetch your little brother."

Humphrey the Hippo's tiny brother
Was widely known for causing trouble.
But when Humphrey finally caught his pesky buddy,
His mother said it was time to study.

So Humphrey the Hippo studied and read.
He memorized notecards till it hurt his head.
He asked, "Mom, can I play? I am finally done!"
She said, "Not until you fetch me some hamburger buns."

So Humphrey the Hippo dashed to the store.
He grabbed the buns and ran out the door.
He said "I am tired of doing chores and want to go to the park!"
Sadly she said, "Tomorrow Humphrey, because it is already dark."

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