September 24, 2007
By Stanton Kirk, Berryton, KS

A laugh can be good
A laugh can be bad
A laugh can symbolize hope
A laugh can symbolize happiness
A laugh can symbolize sadness

We all laugh
We all cry
We all feel bad
When a loved one dies
We all feel guilty
When we blame others
For our own crimes

We all can feel
No matter how heartless you think you are
You can still feel love
You can still feel happiness
You can still feel sadness
You can still feel remorse
But if you think you can’t feel
Then check again
I think you can

So if you don’t think you can’t feel
Go up to someone
Tell them someone cares
Tell them someone loves them
Tell them they are the best
It doesn’t matter what you say
Just compliment someone
And see what you feel
You may feel warmth for the things you said
You may feel love
for those you told that someone loves them
Or someone cares about them

You may think
That no one cares
But what you will find
Is that someone is always there
Who will care
Always someone who loves you
Always someone who cares about you
Always someone who want you to be there
With you through times of turbulence
Through times of love
Through times of hate
It doesn’t matter which one it is
If they stay
By your side
Then you will see
What they have to show

Someone has always cared
Even if its just
The nerd
The geek
The jock
Or even just someone in the hallway
Just envision those you love
Think about what you see
You will see love
You will see caring
You will see hope
For your future

So think about it
Envision the ones you love
And have them envision you
Don’t worry about your feelings anymore
You just found them
So keep on living
Keep on loving
And you’ll find the ones
Who care about you most

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