Light and Dark

September 24, 2007
By Stanton Kirk, Berryton, KS

Light and dark
Black and white
Complete opposites
Totally alike

One is good one is evil
One is nice the other bitter
One makes you feel warm
The other cold and mean
But they are so alike
It seems hard to tell them apart
Even though they look so different
They’re goals are the same

They both do what they’re heart tells them
They both find their goals and follow them
They both have heroes
They both have their demons
They both have their angels

But whether you’re light or dark
It doesn’t matter
If you follow you heart
If you follow you goals
If you defeat your demons
If you save your angels
I will respect you
I will love you
I will give you what you deserve
I won’t care
If you do what you think is right
You will be a good person

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