I Listened

September 24, 2007
By Lea Guillory, Park City, UT

I listened to what you said mom,
I went to that party with my friends.
And people were drinking alcohol,
Just like you said they would.
But I remembered what you said mom,

“Make the right choice”

So I drank soda instead.
They were acting like animals mom,
So I left the room and went outside.
But it was no better there either,

So I decided to leave that party mom,
Leave the drunks and party animals,
Even though they are my friends.

I got into my car mom,
Sober as can be.
And backed out of the driveway,
Almost home free.

But as soon as I hit that curb mom,
A speeding car hit the driver’s side,
The side I’m on.

Then red lights all around me,
Swirling, pulsing brightness.
Then I hear a voice mom,
And in an instant I know it’s yours.
But you sound worried and scared,

I want to tell you it will be alright,
That I wasn’t drinking and I’ll be okay.
But I can’t speak.

My eyes slowly start to close,
As I start to slip into eternal sleep,
And in my head the last thing I think,
Is that I love you mom and I listened to you,
I really did and why must it be me,
The one to die.
When I listened to what you said.

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